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Willy name.png
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): Black, White
Starting Location: CAM 6
First appearance: Night 4
My boat? You took it!
— Willy

Willy is a major antagonist in the game Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1, alongside Suicide Mouse. He is a normal Mickey Mouse suit from Steamboat Willie, but colored in grayscale.



Willy is a monochromatic incarnation of Mickey Mouse, and similarily resembles Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie. He also appears similar to Suicide Mouse, however, he appears to have bigger pants and a larger stomach. He also has shorter circular black eyes (which can apparently have bulging human-like eyeballs underneath), and more circular-like ears, compared to Mickey Mouse's ears. He has a short, yet bulky frame with white pants, with the same-colored buttons and shoes, and white gloves.

In his jumpscare, Willy can extend a normally wide grinning mouth (caused from the Corrupti Incident). Whether all suits can do so or not is unknown.


Willy is active starting on Night 4. He will first appear in the Lounge after the player uses the monitor for a while. This can help the player prepare for him to move. Later on, if the player still uses the monitor, Willy will move to the Office. If he does enter the Office, the player must very quickly shut off a camera, turn off the power or hide under the desk, with the last one giving 50/50 chance of surviving. If the player performs nothing at this point, Willy will attack the player; evidently the next time the player lowers the monitor down.

While moving around Treasure Island for a while, Willy will occasionally say one of the phrases set below:

  • "Hi there."
  • "Hey."
  • "My boat? You took it!"
  • "He isn't nice."
  • "Where's my hat?"


Willy begins in the Lounge on Night 4 and beyond, and will then move to the Office depending on how much the player uses the monitor.


  • Even when the player is not watching the cameras, Willy will may move into the Office without requiring the cameras to be up.
    • That being said, Willy also can appear in the Lounge even if the player doesn't use the cameras.
  • Willy will may immediately jumpscare the player as soon as he enters the Office while the cameras are still up; thus making Willy twice as dangerous as Undying and True Mickey, however.
  • When Willy enters the Office from Revision 1, his mouth seems to be noticeably gray-colored on the inside.
  • If Willy is already fended off by shutting off a camera, Willy's path will occasionally fail to reset, and will reappear back to the Lounge, forcing the player to not use the monitor again.
  • Willy's right hand seems to go through behind his body when he appears in the Lounge.
  • During his jumpscare, Willy possesses a greenish hue in the animation.
  • Due to an oversight in Abandoned: Discovery Island, shutting off the cameras of the Broadcasting Room or Storage Room will reset his path.
    • In Revision 1, this applies to all cameras.


  • Willy hails from 3.0 phase of the original game's development, where he replaced Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • Willy and Suicide Mouse will sit in the Broadcasting Room and watch "Steamboat Willie" together when befriended.
  • Willy and Suicide Mouse may be related to each other in some way.
    • Although Willy and Suicide Mouse are both colored in grayscale, Willy is rather colored monochromatically in black and white, not grayscale. This was later said to be false.
  • According to how Willy replaced Photo-Negative Mickey in 3.0 phase of the game, Willy is said to be linked to Photo-Negative Mickey. This was later proven false.
  • Willy originates from the original game's 3.0 phase of Five Nights at Treasure Island. He was created by PuritySinners using a model from Kingdom Hearts, and replaced Photo-Negative Mickey while PuritySinners took over the game.
    • In said version of the game, he behaved identically to how Photo-Negative Mickey did in Remastered 2.0.
    • Willy originates from Mickey Mouse's first ever (successful) cartoon dubbed "Steamboat Willie". [1]
    • While Undying is still the more dangerous character due to the requirement of shutting off the power, the player should not underestimate Willy; while his movement is among the slowest of all suits in the game, the fact that he only begins to progress when cameras are being watched, combined with his fast kill-timer makes him one of the most dangerous characters in the game.


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