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My boat? You took it!
— Willy

Willy is one of the two quaternary antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found, alongside Suicide Mouse.

Willy name
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): Black, White, Gray
Starting Location: CAM 6
First appearance: Night 4


Willy is a black and white incarnation of Mickey Mouse and looks similar to the Mickey in Steamboat Willie. He also appears similar to Suicide Mouse, however, his pants are white with the same colored buttons, and he has a short, yet bulky frame with a larger stomach. In his jumpscare, he can extend his normally grinning mouth wide open as his means of attackng the player. Whether or not all suits can do so is unknown. He also has shorter, circular eyes, which can apparently have bulging human eyes underneath.


Willy will first appear in the lounge if the player use the cameras too much. He will then appear in the office where the player must shut off a camera, hide under the desk which has a 50/50 chance of working or shut off the power to avoid being jumpscared by him.

When moving, he will occasionally talk, saying phrases including:

  • "Hey."
  • "Hi there."
  • "Where's my hat?"
  • "He isn't nice."
  • "My boat? You took it!"

Unlike Oswald and other characters, Willy does not have an echo when talking, with the exception of when he says "hey" and when he talks about his boat.


Willy starts in the Lounge on Night 4 and if the player use the cameras too much he will move to the Office.


  • Willy was originally created by Purity when they were making the game and was to replace Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • Willy originates from the classic Disney animation Steamboat Willie.
  • His model looks similar to Mickey's model in Epic Mickey, but just in black and white.

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