Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Wikia

User:Photo Negative Mickey
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): Photo-Negative
Starting Location: Character Prep 1

Based of a Creepypasta "Abandoned By Disney", this User is based of the Main Character of that Pasta which is called "Photo Negative Mickey", which it is set in an Abandoned Disney Location, this suit and many others possess the areas of the Abandoned Island, known as Treasure Island or even Discovery Island.

Photo Negative Mickey is based of Disney's main character and also the Face of Disney, Mickey Mouse, who was Created by Walt Disney and first appeared in Steamboat Willie, one of the first Disney Cartoons to feature Mickey Mouse, Photo Negative Mickey however, is more of a counterpart, a suit which was once worn in Treasure Island but has inverted colors of the original Mickey Mouse.

Favorite Games

  1. Five Nights at Treasure Island
  2. GTA V
  3. Just Cause 3

Me (User-Wise)

Hey, my name is Photo Negative Mickey, I am a suit based of Disney's main star Mickey Mouse, which abadnoned is an Abandoned Disney Resort named Treasure Island or was once known as Discovery Island, I am stuck here with many other suits.

What I do mostly is..Kinda taking my head off, which when going to get the Guard, I echo things like "Wanna See My Head Come Off" or "Hey".


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