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Main Menu Music

The menu music has changed multiple times in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found, especially during the development of Demo 0.2.0 and has had revisions since.

Treasure Island sign

The Treasure Island sign was the original main texture for Five Nights at Treasure Island, which would be visible in the office as the sign for the island, at the far end of the Office.

When the game turned into Abandoned: Discovery Island, the sign was then turned into a "Discovery Island".

But the old sign can still be seen when either Corruptus or Photo Negative Mickey have entered the Office.

The old sign is also seen when the power is off.



Hourglass was originally going to jumpscare the player, but it was scrapped due to RAM problems said by the Game creator.

But in the MFA of the game, Hourglass's AI section was titled "Hourglass was never planned" there is also an unused screech for him:

Acephalous's quote

A quote for Acephalous was originally going to be in Five Nights at Treasure Island by Matthew (AnArt1996), the quote being: "Give me salvation"

In the end, the quote was never found as an edited version, and was found by the user User:JacksonfnaffanALT. Within the Sound files, the quote remained unedited. The original file in which contained the unused quote can be found here.

Acephalous running

Another content that includes Acephalous was when he would enter the Staff Area, then would enter Character Prep 1, and seen with Disembodied in his hands. He would then be seen running through the Staff Area while wearing Disembodied as a head.

In AnArt's version, Matthew may of changed Ace's AI to be a Foxy based character from Five Nights at Freddy's but this remains Unknown due to AnArt cancelling his versions.

In Remastered 2.0 Acephalous has a running Jumpscare, but it is unused. Why it was scrapped is unknown.


MickMick was originally going to go to ADI 1.1., However, he wasn't in the game. He is however, in the extras menu, like Hourglass. But hoever, in Five Nights at Treasure Island R1, he was added, along side of Hourglass, too. Also, he has a scrapped screech, too.