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This page contains major spoilers from Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found, if you wish not to spoil the game for yourself please direct yourself back to the main page.
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Color (s): Red
Starting Location: Pirate Caverns
First appearance: Night 4
I am nobody.
— Undying

Undying is a major antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1. He is a red-colored wax humanoid figure. He starts in the Meat Freezer on Night 3, though he rarely moves until Night 4. During the second half of Night 3, an event surrounding Pirate Caverns will occur. During this event, Undying shows up on the second floor and will actively pursue the player.



Undying is a slick, shiny, red-colored figure in the form of a very tall, slender, humanoid-like being with very little face details, long fingers, and no eyes. Depending on the game's version, he could be either blood red or bright red.


Abandoned: Discovery Island and Revision 1

On Night 4, Undying will start hiding in the Meat Freezer. If the Meat Freezer is not watched frequently enough, he will move, first to the corner of the Meat Freezer, then at the right door of the Office. The player must turn off the power to get rid of him, or Undying will attack the player, as shutting off a camera or hiding under the desk will not work on him.

In Pirate Caverns, Undying starts out on the second floor. He will then move between rooms, pursuing Jake. Like The Face, he will chase the player throughout the whole floor. If the player fails to avoid him, he will jumpscare the player.

New Super Abandoned: Discovery Island

Undying starts off in the Meat Freezer. If the cameras are not watched, he will move to the corner of the Meat Freezer. If the player fails to watch the cameras often enough, he will then move to the Office. Otherwise, he may return to hiding off-screen.

Undying behaves identically to the original version of the game in Pirate Caverns.


Undying will start in the Meat Freezer, and will then move to the Office. In Pirate Caverns, he will start inside of a cage and then will chase the player for all the second floor.


  • Undying's arm can be seen clipping through a wall in Pirate Caverns.


  • Undying cannot chase the player on the first floor from the Pirate Caverns.
  • Undying is voiced by Smashed Tomatoes.
  • In the True Ending (spoiler warning), True Mickey revealed Undying is actually Jake's thought-dead father who was saved from death by Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • In one of TwinklePhoenix's videos, it is revealed that God likes Undying.
  • If Pluto is with Undying in the office, then Undying will say "Stop barking. You're making too much noise." This could mean that he is connected with Pluto somehow, but it is never explained.
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