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"I guess an intern will have to do".
This page includes Upcoming content for Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found, most of the information could change any moment.
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"Some...Supernatural Being..."
True Mickey/Audio is a Character. his appearance in Five Nights at Treasure Island, is Unknown until the Creator Gives more information. This pages may not be complete as not so much information is known. True Mickey/Audio may be deleted in the future.

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" it's very important that you make noise somewhere else in the building.
This page includes the Sound files of Five Nights at Treasure Island, but beware, some of the sounds are very loud, and if you have issues over loud noises, make sure you turn your volume down, or don't listen to it.

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''Hello.... Welcome... to my show of nightmares.''

True 1

''You won't last long.''

True 2

''I... am the true one.''

True 3

''You've escaped from me once, but you won't escape again.''

True 4

True Mickey's screech.