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This page contains major spoilers from Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found, if you wish not to spoil the game for yourself please direct yourself back to the main page.
True Mickey
Species: Mouse (by his appearance)
Demon (A:DI)
Ghost (R1)
Gender: Male
Color (s): Photo-Negative
Starting Location: CAM 1
First appearance: Opening Cutscene
Becomes Active On: Night 6 (True Ending)
You escaped from me once, but you won't escape again.
— True Mickey's line being heard when entering the office.

True Mickey (previously referred to as "**** ******") is a major antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island, a supporting character and antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1, and the main antagonist of New Super Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Abandoned: Discovery Island

True Mickey essentially has the same appearance as Photo-Negative Mickey, but with a darker appearance, glossy human-like eyes, and MickMick's large eye-sockets. During his boss fight, his textures change to a pure black-and-white color.

This appearance was used for his placeholder camera frames in Revision 1 and returns in New Super A:DI.

Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1

True Mickey has the same appearance as Photo-Negative Mickey, however, his eyes are still replaced with glossy, human-like eyes, he has darker textures, his arms and legs are wider, and his specular highlights have a glitch-like effect. Compared to his A:DI counterpart, his eye sockets more closely resemble Suicide Mouse's.


True Mickey makes his first appearance in the opening cutscene. After jumpscaring the player, Jake will wake up. On Night 6, he will start outside of the cameras' view. True Mickey will reappear in the Staff Area at 1 AM, then move to Meat Freezer at 2 AM. At 3 AM, the building will enter "low power mode" and the power will become extremely limited. True Mickey will fight face to face with the player until 6 AM. Sometimes, he will enter the Office, where the player must quickly activate the lights to make him go away, otherwise he will kill the player. Other times, the player will hear static and the power will begin to drain. If this happens, the player must quickly press "X" to deactivate the TVs in the Broadcasting Room remotely. In older releases, Undertale-like scenes would occasionally occur during this part of Night 6, and the player would need to dodge the Mickey heads in an appropriately Undertale-like fashion (avoid the white bullets, move through the orange and stand still through the blue). This was removed in version 1.1.

Once the player reaches 6 AM, the "true final battle" begins.

True Mickey will attack in "waves". The waves are randomly selected.

- True Mickey will be spewing white Mickey heads while blue and orange Mickey heads fly throughout the screen. The Mickey heads will move more rapidly later in the fight. - Large white and black Mickey heads will slowly fall down the screen. - Lasers will be randomly attacking the player in certain numbers. These numbers increase later throughout the fight.

- True Mickey will slash at the player's SOUL. If the player does not keep moving, they will take substantial damage.

True Mickey will attack randomly with yellow, orange and blue Mickey heads similar to in Nightmare. Larger versions of the Mickey heads will appear on occasion and later on in the fight, lasers will start appearing along with green Mickey heads. Green Mickey heads will heal the player. The player must press Fight using the Z button when the button appears to attack.

On Night 6, in "Nightmare Mode", True Mickey is the most aggressive enemy. He becomes active at 3 AM and remains active for the rest of the night, albeit at a lesser activity level from 4 AM onwards.

True Mickey starts off-camera, moving in a straightforward path towards the office. When he is in the office, the player must activate the office light to scare him away; he will kill the player if they fail to stop him in time. True Mickey will start at the Staff Area, move to the Meat Freezer and then appear in the Office.


True Mickey will start from outside the cameras before he appears in the Staff Area at 1 AM, moves to the Meat Freezer at 2 AM, and reaches the Office at 3 AM.


  • During Night 6 of Revision 1, both True Mickey and Corruptus can jumpscare the player at the same time.


  • True Mickey is not a suit at all. In Abandoned: Discovery Island, he is a demon. In Revision 1, he is a ghost.
    • In New Super A:DI, Dante specifically refers to him as a "sleep paralysis demon", hinting at his true nature in this continuity.
  • In Revision 1, there is an unused image of True Mickey entering the Lounge. This render uses an earlier version of his Revision 1 redesign, with him appearing significantly shinier than his final design.
  • While Undying and Willy are the most dangerous characters in A:DI, True Mickey is arguably close to their threat level if not significantly higher due to his sheer speed; combined with low power mode and his demonic powers, he is far more dangerous than the two in-universe. In-game, however, the mechanics to deal with him are very basic and can dispatch him incredibly easily.
  • True Mickey revealed who Undying is in the beta of the game.
  • During the battle, the music that plays is Hopes and Dreams from Undertale.
    • Due to a coding mistake, the music is absent in 1.1. This was fixed in New Super A:DI, which additionally corrects the theme's speed - internally, the song's sample rate is 48000KHz, but Undertale slows it down to 44100KHz in-game.
  • True Mickey's 4th voiceline, "You've escaped from me once, but you won't escape again" led fans to theorize that he is one who killed Jake in the Bad Ending.
    • This was jossed after Desko confirmed that Photo-Negative Mickey was Jake's killer.
    • The line was actually referring to Jake waking up from his nightmare, "escaping" True Mickey.
  • In the true ending, Jake becomes friends with True Mickey.
  • After he jumpscares the player during the game's introduction, the words "YOU WAKE UP" may appear.
    • Some believed this meant that he woke up Jake.
      • This, too, was debunked by Desko through an edit to this very wiki page.
    • This screen is absent from New Super A:DI.
  • Due to an oversight in Revision 1, shutting off the cameras of the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer or the Lounge will make him appear in either of those locations. This does not occur during Night 6.
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