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Disney blew $30,000,000 on the place... yes, thirty million dollars.

Then they abandoned it.

Abandoned by Disney
Discovery Island / Treasure Island
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Discovery Island (originally known as Treasure Island) is the main location in Abandoned: Discovery Island. Your job is to survive the Suits and Humanoids that come to life for five nights while the SSA pack up and head to your location. It is very unorganized.

Real life

In real life, it is located in Baker's Bay, Bahamas, according to the creepypasta[1], but is actually located in Bay Lake[2][3], and used to be a resort, until it was recognized as a zoological park and its name was changed to "Discovery Island". The park was later closed in 1999 and moved to Animal Kingdom.


  • Abandoned by Disney actually takes place in Mowgli's Palace.
  • It is easy to find YouTube videos exploring the island, and it is possible to take a boat there from Disney's Wilderness Lodge or Contemporary Resort.
    • However, if you are caught trespassing on the island, you will never be allowed to return to Walt Disney World.


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