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This page contains the Trailer(s) for Five Nights at Treasure Island. The first Trailer was released on 23rd January 2016 on the Youtube Channel Photo Negative Mickey. The trailer only contains little Gameplay in the Trailer. The second Trailer was released by Fate on his Youtube Channel on April Fools Day 2016, which was known as Fate's April Fools Joke, which he also stated it was his "Late April Fool's joke".After that 4 days later on 4th April 2016 was released a real trailer on Photo-Negative Mickey's Youtube Channel. The trailer only contains some scenes from previous trailer and some scenes from Original Trailer for FNaTI and some new content.


Five Nights at Treasure Island trailer

Five Nights at Treasure Island trailer

The First Trailer

Abandoned Discovery Island Trailer 2

Abandoned Discovery Island Trailer 2.0

Second Trailer

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