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The Face name.png
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): White, red, black
Starting location: CAM 10
First appearance: Night 1 (rarely)
Night 2
The forest... it follows me...
— The Face

The Face is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found (Revision 1).



The Face is a deformed Mickey Mouse costume with pale white, almost human-like eyes, and a jaw that hangs open with no teeth showing as if it were broken or dislocated. His head is mostly deformed, and his eye sockets are droopy, and his ears are more bat-like and pointy. There are just little stumps where his legs should be, as most of his lower torso has been melted. As such, he can only get around by crawling with his hands.

In Revision 1, when in the office he can be seen with a strange, yellow liquid pouring out of his left eye socket. Photo-Negative Mickey has also been shown to leak this liquid.


The Face will first appear in the chimney on the Roof, a sign that he has become active. The player can slow him down from entering the office by watching the Roof camera. When he appears in the Office, he can be seen climbing on the desk. He becomes active on Night 2 and continues to remain active throughout the rest of the game. If he enters the office, the player must quickly shut off a camera, hide under the desk (giving the player a 50% chance of survival), or turn off the power off to get rid of him. If he stays in the office for too long, he will kill the player.

When the power is out, The Face is replaced with his Shade form. If he enters the office, he will very quickly rise up from the bottom of the screen. When this happens, the player must immediately hide under the desk; if they fail to do this, Shade Face will kill the player.

If The Face appears in the Office while the power is out, all the player has to do is to hide under the desk to get rid of him.

When The Face is moving around, he will say things like:

  • "The forest... it follows me..."
  • "The spirits... they are coming..."
  • "You should have never come here"
  • "You aren't going anywhere."
  • "You should've never come here..."

And occasionally, in Pirate Caverns:

  • "Behind you!"

If the player is on the Good Ending route, he will merge with the other suits to form Corruptus before Night 6.


The Face begins on the Roof. After moving through the vents, he will eventually enter the Office.


  • When The Face appears in the office, his eyes seem altered when compared to the pair of human-like eyes he has when he kills you with the power on.
  • In The Face's power-on jumpscare, his thumb clips through the upper part of his mouth.
    • His eyes will misplace for a split second in his jumpscare.
    • His eyes will also disappear for a split second in his jumpscare.
    • He seems to be lacking the buttons on his pants during the jumpscare. However, this is just an issue with how he was rigged.


  • According to Matthew, The Face got his name from a modeling error that happened while Matthew was creating him.
  • The Face is voiced by George W. Kush.
  • The Face's screech was made by Smashed Tomatoes.
  • The Corrupti Incident seems to have caused The Face to lose his sanity.
    • In addition, it also explains why he is melted.
  • It was confirmed by Desko that The Face and MickMick are the same costume in A:DI's continuity.
  • It was confirmed by Desko that the Night 2 cutscene is what the Face sees.
  • The Face used to share the same screech as Photo-Negative Mickey.
    • Willy also shares Photo-Negative Mickey's screech.
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