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TGsEE, which stands for This Gives some Extra Enlightenment, is a separate game to Five Nights at Treasure Island, and functions similarly to TBmHC in that both TGsEE and TBmHC give away important clues of what will be in store for the full version of the game.

Unlike TBmHC, however, it seems to also give away important plot-related hints in the form of Logs and 3D Views.


Instead of red buttons there are two arrows, a big sphere-like button, and five hook-like objects. If the player presses down on the arrow keys, they will find three levers. The first one has a yellow top, the second one has a cyan top and the last one has a magenta top. To get back to the arrows and Hooks the player can simply press the up arrow key.

Clicking one of the two arrows will cause them to glow red. Pressing the round button will make the program restart. Pressing the control button on the keyboard will make the text on the right change. Clicking on one of the Hooks in the background will cause the chosen hook and the arrows to glow green.


Key for codes: 1 = first hook, 2 = second hook, 3 = third hook, 4 = fourth hook, 5 = fifth hook, L = left arrow, R = right arrow, Y = yellow lever, C = cyan lever, M = magenta lever, B = backwards, F = forwards

  • Note: It doesn't matter which order you put the code in. As long as everything that needs to be pressed is pressed, you will still get the same image or log.