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Not to be confused with Willy, which is another grayscale character.

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Suicide Mouse name.png
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): Grayscale; Sepia Tone
Starting Location: CAM 7
First appearance: Night 3
The sights of hell bring its viewers back in...

Suicide Mouse is an antagonist in the game Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1.



Suicide Mouse bears a strong resemblance to the Mickey Mouse as first depicted in his early cartoons as all of his colors are in grayscale, similar to Willy, though his proportions more closely match his modern appearances (especially when in comparison of Photo-Negative Mickey and Willy); because of this, he and Photo-Negative Mickey are quite close to each other in terms of physical appearance. He walks around with his hands tucked behind his back, except for when he is in the Meat Freezer, where he walks with his arms outstretched.

In his Shade form, his face gains a more psychotic smile, with large eye-sockets (much like MickMick and True Mickey) and a pair of bloodstained, beady eyes, and red blood-like spots all around his body. This form is almost always seen in reddish lighting.


Suicide Mouse becomes active starting on Night 3. Whenever Suicide Mouse is active, the TVs in the Broadcasting Room will turn on and Suicidemouse.avi will play. Unlike most of the suits, Suicide Mouse will take a straight path to The Office, rather than going back and forth through cameras. When Suicide Mouse appears in The Office, the player must shut off a camera, turn off the power, or hide under the desk to lure him away, with the latter method giving the player a 50/50 chance of surviving. If the player fails to do this in time, Suicide Mouse will attack the player.

Suicide Mouse later appears in the third floor of the Pirate Caverns, looking for the player, alongside The Face and Undying, the latter who appears in the second floor and the first who appears in the first floor. If the player doesn't move away from the room he is in, Suicide Mouse will attack the player.

If Suicide Mouse appears in the Office while the power is out, the player must click on the monitor to make him go away, while hiding under the desk has 50/50 chance of working.

While Suicide Mouse is active, Suicide Mouse will say things like:

  • "Real suffering is not known."
  • "The sights of hell bring it's viewers back in."
  • "I don't deserve this life."
  • "I've made many mistakes."
  • "I've seen true despair."
  • "This place is a suicide."


Suicide Mouse starts in the Broadcasting Room, and will move to Character Prep 1, the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, and will eventually enter the Office.


  • Suicide Mouse's edited texture appears in the unedited office from Revision 1.


  • Suicide Mouse hails from the official game's Remastered 1.0 phase of development, where he was intended to be an easter egg-antagonist that could rarely become active on any night. This was used in the official reboot of the game.
  • The pose Suicide Mouse uses when he enters the Meat Freezer is a reference to the suicidemouse.avi mock-up video, where Suicide Mouse walks with his hands outstretched.
  • If the player survives in-game for a long amount of time, Suicide Mouse's full song will play, revealing that it plays the same moaning and screaming from the suicidemouse.avi video in-game. This can be seen in this video.
  • He is commonly confused with Willy, another Mickey suit in grayscale. This suggests that Suicide Mouse is connected to Willy.
    • Although Suicide Mouse and Willy are the only grayscale suits in the game, Willy has monochromatic coloring whereas Suicide Mouse still has multiple shades of gray.
  • After meeting Henry in Pirate Caverns, Suicide Mouse and Willy can be befriended on any night. To befriend them, shut off a camera while Willy and Suicide Mouse are both active. If befriended, they will enter the Broadcasting Room and watch "Steamboat Willie" for the rest of the game.
    • In earlier versions of the game, this was broken; shutting off a camera once, at any point in the night, and waiting for the two of them to become active at the same time was enough to befriend them. This was patched in New Super Abandoned: Discovery Island.
  • In Matthew's livestream teaser, Suicide Mouse appears to be a darker shade of the original Mickey Mouse, instead of being grayscale.
    • However, if the blender file is viewed, it shows that Suicide Mouse is actually grayscale, and that it is just the lighting.
  • Suicide Mouse is voiced by George W. Kush.
  • In early Abandoned: Discovery Island demos, you could move Suicide Mouse manually by pressing S. This was a debug key and was not intended to be usable in a released build.
  • Suicide Mouse makes another appearance in Pirate Caverns with The Face and Undying, hiding in a room on the third floor. The reason why Suicide Mouse is present there is unknown.

See also

  • suicidemouse.avi — This story's main focus also introduces the origin of Suicide Mouse.
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