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Suits: Oswald, Classic Oswald, MickMick, Hourglass

The Storage Room, also known as CAM 4, is a location in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found as well as the starting location of Oswald, MickMick, Hourglass and Classic Oswald. There are a few boxes visible as well as caution tape across the room. There is also a rusted, damaged door frame that leads to the Staff Area with a small step ladder in front of it, as well as a shelf with more boxes on it. Oswald appears in this room, lying down beside a stack of boxes. From new version there's also a poster lying down to the left. Like Photo-Negative Mickey, he will stand up before he leaves. Classic Oswald's ear can be seen behind the boxes and he will peek out behind the boxes when he is about to leave.


  • The poster that is lying down on the left side is the actually a map of FNAF2 estabilishment with marked animatronics' paths made by user ThatsWhiskyToYou. Full version here.
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