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" it's very important that you make noise somewhere else in the building. "
This page includes the Sound files of Five Nights at Treasure Island, but beware, some of the sounds are very loud, and if you have issues over loud noises, make sure you turn your volume down, or don't listen to it.

Thank you!

Phone Calls

Night 1 Call

Night 2 Call

Night 3 Call


The song that plays on the main menu, as of version 0.5.1.

Treasure Island


Extras menu

Click to play

Pirate Caverns

Water Ambience

Opening the draw in the Techroom


The sound of when changing a Camera

The sound of when shutting off a Camera

Picking up the tablet


Player getting Under the desk

Player getting out from Under the desk


Power Out

Flashlight Switch

Photo-Negative Mickey

Photo-Negative Mickey saying "Hey."

Photo-Negative Mickey saying "Wanna see my head come off?" (Loud)

Photo-Negative Mickey's alternate way of saying "Hey." (Loud)

Photo-Negative Mickey saying "Wanna see my head come off?" (Loud)

Photo-Negative Mickey laughing.

Photo-Negative Mickey's different way of laughing.

Photo-Negative Mickey's screech (WARNING LOUD).

Dark Oswald

Oswald saying "Bless your soul."

Oswald saying "Don't bless this one."

Oswald saying "Have mercy on me please...I only ask for blessing."

Oswald saying "God? God? God?..."

Oswald saying "God? Where are you God?."

Oswald saying "God?... Please listen to me."

Oswald saying "I know you're here so, please bless me, and help me out here."

Oswald's screamer (WARNING LOUD).


Acephalous' saying "Hear Me." (Loud)

Acephalous' saying "Hear me..." (Faint)

Acephalous' saying "I thought you loved me.."

Acephalous' saying "Do you think, leaving me here, would prove anything?"

Acephalous' saying "I called for help..But you, didn't listen."

Acephalous' saying "I'm still here."

Acephalous' saying "Have A Heart...Please..."

Acephalous' saying "Give me salvation."

Acephalous' screech (WARNING LOUD).

The Face

The Face's bang sound

The Face's second bang sound

The Face moving

The Face saying The forest... it follows me..."

The Face saying The spirits... they are coming..."

The Face saying You should've never come here."

The Face saying "You aren't going anywhere."

The Face saying "The Face's screech (WARNING LOUD).

Photo Negative Minnie

Photo-Negative Minnie laughing.

Photo-Negative Minnie saying "This isn't how it was supposed to be"

Photo-Negative Minnie saying "Why do i exist?"

Photo-Negative Minnie's screamer.

Suicide Mouse

Sucide Mouse's Full Song.

Suicide Mouse saying "This place is a suicide."

Suicide Mouse saying "Real suffering is not known."

Suicide Mouse saying "The sights of hell bring it's viewers back in."

Suicide Mouse saying "I don't deserve this life."

Suicide Mouse saying "I've made many mistakes."

Suicide Mouse saying "I've seen true despair."

Suicide Mouse's screech (WARNING LOUD).


Disembodied's quacks (WARNING LOUD).

Daisy Duck

Daisy's quacks (WARNING LOUD).


Pluto's bark (WARNING LOUD).


Willy saying "Hi there." Willy saying "Hey!" Willy saying "My boat? You took it!" Willy saying "He isn't nice." Willy saying "Where's my hat?" Willy's screech (WARNING LOUD).

True Mickey

The music during True Mickey's battle.

The music from the Bad Ending that plays when True Mickey kills Jake.

True Mickey saying "Hello.... Welcome... to my show of nightmares."

True Mickey saying "You won't last long."

True Mickey saying "I... am the true one."

True Mickey saying "You've escaped from me once, but you won't escape again."

True Mickey's screech (WARNING LOUD).


Corruptus saying "Lets have some fun."

Corruptus saying "I know you're in there."

Corruptus saying "You can't run away from me."

Corruptus' screech (WARNING LOUD).

Corruptus (Revision 1)

Corruptus saying "You can't run away from us."

Corruptus saying "I know you're in there, stop hiding."

Corruptus saying "I found you, don't hide."


MickMick's screech (Revision 1) (WARNING LOUD).

MickMick's screech (A:DI 1.1) (WARNING LOUD).


Hourglass' screech (WARNING LOUD).


Undying saying "Scream all you like."

Undying saying "Nobody will hear your sorrows.."

Undying saying "Nobody will hear your pain.."

Undying saying "I Am Nobody."

Undying saying "Don't trust them."

Undying saying "Don't trust me."

Undying saying "Stop barking! You are making too much noise."

Undying's screech (WARNING LOUD).


God saying "Awww you're soft kids."

God saying "He is here my Children."

God saying "Your life.. It's almost over."

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