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Roof name
Cam: CAM 10
Suits: The Face, MickMick

The Roof is a location in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found. It is a roof top. There is a large vent shaft on the roof. There are some dead trees in the background and a full moon, nearly visible due to mist. This is the only camera that The Face can enter, which he can be seen in the distance entering a vent, which afterwards will enter the Office. MickMick can also be seen here during Night 5.


  • The moon doesn't seem to move at all, despite the hour or night the player is on. It is most likely because it would be extremaly hard to make.
  • In 0.8.0, vent detection text was suppossed to be added to detect Hourglass.
    • It was scrapped since Hourglass was also scrapped.
  • This Camera is the only area which shows the outside of Treasure Island, which ventilations are seen around the area.

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