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Pluto Name.png
Species: Suit
Gender: Male
Color (s): Dark yellow, black
Starting Location: Office
First appearance: Night 3
Stop barking! You are making too much noise.
Undying to Pluto when they both are in the office.

Pluto is an antagonist in the game Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1.



Pluto's appearance is not too different from his appearance from the Disney universe, with a few distinct differences. His body also seems to be slightly thinner, and his green collar and right hind leg are missing. His face is rather wrinkly, with empty eyes, no teeth and a gloomy expression. Parts of his body seem to sag.


Pluto will occasionally teleport into the office and start barking very loudly. While he is in the room, any suits on the left side of the room will be blocked from the player's view (such as Oswald or Willy) and all suits will start moving at a faster pace, so it is important to get him out of the office as soon as possible. To do this, the player must quickly shut off a camera or the power. Hiding will not make Pluto leave.


Pluto can only appear at the left side of the Office.


  • One of the office's wires clips through his left leg when he appears in the office.


  • Pluto is one of 4 suits that won't attack the player, the others being Disembodied, Daisy Duck and Acephalous's head.
  • Pluto was an easter egg in the original game, but is a standard enemy in Abandoned: Discovery Island and Revision 1.
  • According to the original FNATI's creator AnArt1996, Pluto was said to be linked to Undying.
    • This is referenced in A:DI when Undying says "Stop barking! You are making too much noise." when both Pluto and Undying appear the office at the same time.
  • Pluto, Slester and Tomato are the only characters so far to only appear in the office and not on the cameras.
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