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Photo Negative Minnie name
Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Color (s): Photo-Negative
Starting Location: CAM 3
First appearance: Night 4
Why do I exist?
 Photo-Negative Minnie is an antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found.



Photo-Negative Minnie is photo-negative, just like Photo-Negative Mickey is, but without eyes and a pair of huge human-like teeth. Her shade is based on Jeff The Killer.


Photo-Negative Minnie will begin in Character Prep 1, offscreen. Then, she will appear in the room, floating. This can help the player prepare for her to move. When she is in the Office, not shutting off the camera while PN Minnie is in the Office will cause the game to crash.

If Photo-Negative Minnie appears in the office, the player needs to pull up the monitor and shut off a camera, the loud noise luring her into another room. The player also has the option to switch off the power, Hiding under the desk will not work on her. Delaying or neglecting to do these things will cause her to kill the player crashing the game. Photo-Negative Minnie will always disappear, reappearing in Character Prep 1 later if the player shut off a camera.


Photo-Negative Minnie will start off-camera, then she will start hanging in Character Prep 1, move to the Staff Area, then move to the Meat Freezer, move to the Lounge, and eventually enter The Office.


  • Photo-Negative Minnie is one of three female enemies in the game, the other two being God and Daisy Duck.
    • She is also the second female character to be added to the game.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie was made as the result of a request from a user on this wiki. The user suggested this character by submitting fanart that can be found here.
  • Although Photo-Negative Minnie in The Office (found in TBmHC) makes her appear to be relatively tall, PN Minnie is actually the same size as Photo-Negative Mickey in the game's third teaser.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie was originally known as Photo-Negative Minnie in the original version, until she was then changed to Impure Mouse (And her colors were reverted, although she kept the eyes and teeth) and Photo-Negative Mickey was replaced by Willy when Purity took over the game.
  • While moving, Photo-Negative Minnie may say "This isn't how we were supposed to be" and "Why do I exist?", or she may laugh.
    • When Photo-Negative Minnie laughs, she sounds like she's crying.
  • The Corrupti Incident explains why she has no eyes.
  • When Photo-Negative Minnie appears in the office, it looks like she has eyes inside her mask, how ever it could most likely be lighting or modeling error.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie's shade looks similar to Ink-Blot Minnie from Subwofer's Nightmare Before Disney

Her jumpscare is similar to nightmare and golden freddy and nightmarionne


  • During her jumpscare, Photo Negative Minnie's teeth are clipping through her.

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