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Are you searching for Photo-Negative Mickey or True Mickey, who are the ones to have the same photo-negative coloration, or perhaps Corruptus, who Photo-Negative Minnie is a part of?

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Photo Negative Minnie name.png
Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Color (s): Photo-Negative
Starting Location: CAM 3
First appearance: Night 4
Why do I exist?
— Photo-Negative Minnie

Photo-Negative Minnie is an antagonist in the games Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1.



As the name suggests, Photo-Negative Minnie is a carbon copy of Minnie Mouse with negative coloration, like Photo-Negative Mickey and True Mickey, but she has soulless black button-like eyes, and a huge pair of human-like teeth. She contains the rest of Minnie Mouse's key traits: Such as circular ears, a polka-dot bowtie and dress, a pointy nose, shoes and gloves. She also has a small pointy tail, though it usually remains absent from her design, like Photo-Negative Mickey and True Mickey.

Her shade version is based off Jeff The Killer.


Photo-Negative Minnie becomes active starting on Night 4. She will begin in Character Prep 1, off-screen. Then, she will appear in the room, floating. This can help the player prepare for her to move. Photo-Negative Minnie moves directly to the Office, and moves very quickly, evidently the same speed of Photo-Negative Mickey.

If Photo-Negative Minnie appears in the Office, the player needs to raise the monitor and shut down a camera, the loud noise luring PN Minnie into another room. The player also has the option to switch off the power, or hide under the desk, giving the player 50/50 chance of surviving. Delaying or neglecting to do these things will cause her to kill the player. Photo-Negative Minnie will always disappear, reappearing in Character Prep 1 later if the player shuts off a camera or the power.


Photo-Negative Minnie will start off-camera, then she will start hanging in Character Prep 1, move to the Staff Area, then move to the Meat Freezer, move to the Lounge, and will eventually enter The Office.


  • During her jumpscare, Photo Negative Minnie's teeth are clipping through her.
  • When Photo-Negative Minnie appears in the office, it looks like she has human-like eyes inside her headpiece. However, this is simply due to the lighting.


  • Photo-Negative Minnie was originally planned as an easter egg by AnArt1996 during Five Nights at Treasure Island's 1.0 phase, and was the result of a request from a user on the original Wiki. The user suggested this character by submitting fanart that can be found here.
    • In Abandoned: Discovery Island, she became an active antagonist.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie is one of three female enemies in the game, the other two being Daisy Duck and God.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie was originally known as Photo-Negative Minnie in the original version, until she was then changed to Impure Mouse (And her colors were reverted, although she kept the eyes and human-like teeth) and Photo-Negative Mickey was replaced by Willy, and Dark Oswald changed himself into Classic Oswald when PuritySinners took over the game.
    • When Photo-Negative Minnie laughs, she sounds like she's crying.
  • The Corrupti Incident explains why she has no eyes in the A:DI continuity.
  • When Photo-Negative Minnie appears in the office, it looks like she has eyes inside her mask, how ever it could most likely be lighting or modeling error.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie's shade looks similar to Ink-Blot Minnie from SubWooferX3's Nightmare Before Disney.
  • When Photo-Negative Minnie appears in the office without power, Photo-Negative Minnie's eyes (in her shade form) will go red. Whether any shade suits that can't do this is unknown.
  • Her killscreen is inspired by Nightmare's, Golden Freddy's and Nightmarionne's from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.
  • Her changed name in Abandoned: Discovery Island was a nod to her original 3.0 counterpart, Impure Mouse, where her coloring was reverted.
    • Photo-Negative Mickey's dialogue implies that Photo-Negative Minnie was killed during the Corrupti Incident, which contradicts her appearance in gameplay; it is implied that the Photo-Negative Minnie that Jake Smith is seeing is a hallucination, or possibly a ghost.
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