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Were you looking for Corruptus, which Photo-Negative Mickey is part of, or perhaps True Mickey, who has a similar appearance?

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This page contains major spoilers from Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found, if you wish not to spoil the game for yourself please direct yourself back to the main page.
Mickey name.png
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): Photo-Negative
Starting Location: CAM 3
First appearance: Night 1
"Hey", it said in a hushed, perverted, but perfectly executed Mickey Mouse voice, "Wanna see my head come off?"

It started to pull at its own head, working its clumsy, glove-clad fingers around its neck with clawing, impatient movements similar to a wounded man trying to pull himself free of a predator's jaws...

As it worked its digits into its neck... so much blood...

So much thick, curdled, yellow blood...

Abandoned by Disney

Photo-Negative Mickey is the main antagonist of Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1, and a major antagonist in New Super Abandoned: Discovery Island. He is based on a creepypasta titled Abandoned By Disney, written by Christopher Howard Wolf. In the story, a man searches an abandoned Disney attraction called Mowgli's Palace, only to find a Photo-Negative Mickey costume, and a Donald Duck head with a skull in it. When he turns to leave, he turns back around and sees the Mickey standing behind him. It asks: "Hey... wanna see my head come off?" The Photo-Negative Mickey costume then proceeds to pull its head off, causing thick, chunky yellow blood to spray everywhere. The man, however, escapes from the suit and leaves.



As his name implies, Photo-Negative Mickey is a Mickey Mouse character costume with negative coloration. It is unknown why he was colored as such. He contains most of Mickey's key traits, such as his circular ears, a large grin, shoes, buttoned-like pants, and gloves. In some renders, he can also be seen with a small, thin, and pointed tail, though it usually remains absent from his design.

He is shown to leak a thick yellow-colored fluid. The Face has also been shown to leak this substance in Revision 1 as well as some of the original game's teasers.

In his Shade form, his face changes into a very unnerving look with large, empty eye-sockets (much like The Face and MickMick) and a more psychotic and ghastly wide smile.


Abandoned: Discovery Island

Photo-Negative Mickey starts at Character Prep 1 along with Disembodied. He is initially seen lying down but will stand up when he starts moving. This can help the player prepare for him. He will then wander throughout the building, moving back and forth between the rooms on his path.

If Photo-Negative Mickey appears in the Office, the player needs to view the monitor and quickly shut off a camera; the loud noise will lure him into another room. Delaying or neglecting to do so will cause him to kill the player. The player may also hide under the desk, giving the player a 50/50 chance of surviving, or the player can turn off the power, as the latter will immediately make him go away. Photo-Negative Mickey will show up on a different side of the Office depending on the room he entered from, appearing at the left side if he enters from the Lounge, or at the right if he came from the Meat Freezer.

If Photo-Negative Mickey appears in the Office while the power is out, all the player has to do to get rid of him is to increase the brightness of their flashlight or hide under the desk, but the latter is a slower method to get rid of him.

Advice from Greg explains that Photo-Negative Mickey is blind but has a heightened sense of hearing. However, Lisa explains that the suit can see, albeit poorly.

Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found (Revision 1)

During the main game, Photo-Negative Mickey behaves identically to his A:DI counterpart. However, on Night 5, he is significantly more active, alongside MickMick, the only other active character that night. On Night 6, during "low power mode", Photo-Negative Mickey is hyperactive from 1 AM to 2 AM, and becomes active again at 4 AM-6 AM. To ward him off this night as the player cannot shut off the cameras; they must hide under the desk instead. If the player fails to do so in time or doesn't ward him off properly, Photo-Negative Mickey will attack the player.


Photo-Negative Mickey starts lying down in Character Prep 1. He eventually stands up, and then wanders to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, then the Office.


  • Photo-Negative Mickey is voiced by Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez using recycled voice clips from the original game.
  • The only two rooms that Photo-Negative Mickey does not enter are starting locations for other suits, with the exception of the Bathroom, which was previously one of the locations in his path in the original game's early demos.
  • Photo-Negative Mickey has the most complex AI in A:DI.
  • Oddly, when Photo-Negative Mickey takes his head off in the menu jumpscare, no yellow blood comes out.
  • Out of all the other characters, Photo-Negative Mickey is the only one with the most jumpscares and death-screens, including ones from the menu screens.
  • The code for Photo-Negative Mickey entering the Lounge or the Office from the Meat Freezer is toggled using a value, and Desko had issues getting this to work when making the tech demo.
  • When opening the game, the game may rarely display a screen showing Photo-Negative Mickey with empty eyesockets.
  • Photo-Negative Mickey's jumpscare uses his Shade appearance in Revision 1. This is by design.

Abandoned: Discovery Island

At least a decade before the game's events, Photo-Negative Mickey and the other costumes mysteriously appeared on the island. At this point, they had no intention of harming anybody that was on the island and were generally considered friendly. While the employees that knew about him tried to keep him and the other suits a secret by hiding them in the building, at some point he and the other suits wandered out and caused mass hysteria, indirectly leading to the deaths of Jake's parents. In a fit of rage, the then-young Jake attacked the costumes, leading to their states and Photo-Negative Minnie's apparent death. This led to the suits, including PN Mickey himself, becoming hostile towards humans, and the place was closed to cover up the incident and prevent the public from learning of the suits' existence.

Years later, Jake returned to the island for unknown reasons through the SSA's internship. In the Bad Ending route after the fifth night, upon realizing that they had finally found the one responsible for their suffering, Photo-Negative Mickey attacks Jake, who finds that the door is locked somehow, and kills him. In the Good Ending route, Jake escapes this encounter. Between this and the following night, he and the other suits merge to form Corruptus. However, Jake still manages to survive the night.

In the True Ending, while most of the other suits around him are finding that coincidences are leading them to find the happiness that they once had, Photo-Negative Mickey is implied to have discovered that Jake Smith was responsible. On Night 6, Photo-Negative Mickey and the other suits are no longer active. However, True Mickey makes his second appearance to Jake and plans to exact the suits' revenge in their place. While Jake manages to hold out until 6 AM, True Mickey eventually fatally wounds Jake. However, Photo-Negative Mickey manages to save him by giving him some of his yellow blood, realizes how Minnie can be saved and encourages him to fight the mysterious demon.

After True Mickey is defeated, Photo-Negative Mickey finally makes amends with Jake.

Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1

In this continuity, while the story was left incomplete, Photo-Negative Mickey's backstory had been partially planned out. Photo-Negative Mickey was a toon that manifested through unknown means from a negative of a Mickey Mouse costume located in the Vault. Photo-Negative Mickey was manipulated by God into "completing himself" by attacking and murdering humans in an attempt to ruin The Walt Disney Company's reputation in revenge for her death. However, after the island was abandoned, God had temporarily abandoned them herself, hiding elsewhere on the island as her soul was unable to reach the mainland and, by extension, the rest of Disney World.

By the events of the game, PN Mickey had gone completely insane. During Jake's fifth night on the island, PN Mickey is one of two suits that remains active, the other being MickMick, and is significantly more aggressive. On Night 6, he is one of three active suits, the other two being Corruptus and True Mickey.

New Super Abandoned: Discovery Island

Little is known about Photo-Negative Mickey in this continuity, other than the fact that his past has no connection to Jake, and he is not actually a costume.

In the Good (Bad) Ending and Tape Ending routes, he still merges to form Corruptus on Night 6. In the latter route, Jake watches the tape, believing it may contain answers to what the suits could be. However, the tape's contents instead show one of his own arms being ripped off by PN Mickey. Confused, Jake suddenly feels a jolt of pain, and discovers that his arm, in fact, had been ripped off. In the True Ending route, PN Mickey still intended to save Jake from True Mickey as his original A:DI counterpart did. However, before he could do so, Dante comes in and slashes the attack, saving Jake and leaving Photo-Negative Mickey himself utterly confused.

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