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The Office is the main location in order to progress the nights in Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1 and the New Super Abandoned: Discovery Island.


The Office is the location where The Player will start at when beginning a night, and will have to survive against Treasure Island's possessed suits from Night 1-8, while being given infomation from the prerecorded phone-calls.


The Office has a large desk, which on it, it has a monitor, a pot with a cigarette in, and a map of Treasure Island underneath the Cigratte pot, which has 2 pairs of pencils out of it, and one of them laying on the desk.

At the far end of the Office is a Sign which is one side is detatched from the ceiling, which marked "Treasure Island" on the middle of the sign, in a pirate-like font. Behind the sign is a poster that is almost covered with a warning stripe, which marked "Cactus Kid," and there are also wires going throughout various areas of the room.

On Night 6 from Revision 1, the office (at "low power mode") changes into a dark blue-to-violet color.


The Office has a set of 2 doors, one to the left and to the right. While the player can shut off a camera, which will work for almost all of the suits (except for Acephalous and Undying) the player can hide under the desk, only whenever a suit enters the office, but it has a 50/50 chance of surviving or getting killed. The player also have the option of turning off the power, which will make the "shade" version of the suits become active, able to kill the player. When the power is off, the player have only the flashlight and the option to hide under the desk to protect against the shade suits.


  • Whenever a suit enters the office in Revision 1, their un-edited texture would appear in the edited office.
  • In A:DI, when God appears in the office, the end of her right foot is missing.


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