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Night 7 was a scrapped bonus night in Abandoned: Discovery Island. It was planned to be the game's equivalent to a traditional Night 6, building upon the fifth night's difficulty while keeping the mechanics identical. Graphics for it were found in the files and it had its own locked Extras menu option, but it was never added to the game.


  • It was commonly believed that this night would be a custom night. This was the initial plan, however this had changed during 1.0's development when the Custom Night, was then-temporarily scrapped and planned to return as Night 8 in an update.

Night 7, also known as the Custom Night, is a night in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1.

Active Toons

The toons and humanoids active on this night are decided by the player. In the game's beta versions, not all of the AIs were ready for the custom night, so the player only had certain ones to change. In the last build, 1.0.6, the characters that could be changed in the custom night were Photo-Negative Mickey, Oswald, Disembodied, Acephalous, Suicide Mouse and The Face.