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Night 6 is sixth night in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found.

''The Mickeys have fused to make Corruptus. If he enters the office, if you cannot tell what he is saying easily, shut off a cam or power, and if it is off, keep your mouse at the center of the screen and try not to move. If he is heard and is above the desk, hide.'' - Night 6's info text (Good Ending).

''C if he is in the office, X if he is in the broadcasting room. Arrow keys if he starts attacking your SOUL, it will not start immediatelly.'' - Night 6's info text (True Ending).

Active Suits

You can access this night if you find a key in chest from Pirate Caverns to escape Photo-Negative Mickey in Bad Ending. The only suit active on this night will change depending on the ending. If the player has not met the tape from Pirate Caverns for the True Ending, Corruptus will be active with Slester on this night. If the player has met the requirments for the true ending True Mickey will be the only active suit.

Phone Call

*Corrupted noises*
— Corruptus


  • If the bad ending is achieved, then the night will be unplayable, as Jake Smith has already died. Instead, it will show you a pair of red text that says "You're dead."

    The "You're dead." screen.