Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Wikia
It's nice that you've made it this far.
— Night 5's info text.

Night 5 is the fifth night of Abandoned: Discovery Island. Often considered to be the most difficult night, all regular suits are at their most active speed.

Active Suits

Photo-Negative Mickey, Oswald, Disembodied, Suicide Mouse, Acephalous, Pluto, The Face, Photo-Negative Minnie, Classic Oswald, Daisy, Purity, Undying, Willy and Slester are active on this night.


This night is incredibly difficult in comparison to other nights, even compared to Corruptus's variation of Night 6. In order to complete this night, the player must have a well planned-out strategy to beat the night easily. Make sure the monitor is set to the Meat Freezer. The player must put up the monitor whenever they can, then put it back down, and quickly switch to and shut off a camera if needed. If a suit has spent an amount of time close to their kill timer this night, hide. If you ever hear a bang, hide under the desk. Avoid hiding as much as possible to avoid triggering Slester.

If the player is forced to shut off the power, invert this strategy; hide for a few seconds, then peek out from the desk, very quickly tap the flashlight button and, if a Shade enters the office, use the appropriate strategy. When peeking, be ready to hide at a moment's notice in case The Face's Shade appears.


After beating this night, player will be taken to black screen, with words appearing on it as a form of cutscene. If player didn't obtain the key from Pirate Caverns, the player will get the Bad Ending. If player obtains the drawer key in Pirate Caverns or befriends all suits on the True Ending path, Night 6 will be unlocked.