Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Wikia

Night 3 is the third night of Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found. Unlike the previous two nights, this night is cut short to 3AM, which the player will be sent to Pirate Caverns, which that is where the Player will have to survive against The Face and Undying. Photo-Negative Mickey and Oswald are more aggressive than they were in the previous night. The Face and Disembodied also have a higher chance of entering the Office this night compare to the previous night. Acephalous and Suicide Mouse will be active on this night as well. On rare cases Pluto may enter the Office. Henry will call you on this night.

''The headless Goofy suit, Acephalous, won't react to cameras being off. You must hide under the desk. Also note that the greyscale Mickey costume will take a direct path to your office.'' - Night 3's info text (Normal.)

''Press [SPACE] in the caverns to use your flashlight. This can be used to check if The Face is in the room with you, but it can also alert The Face that you're there. If you are in an area where you suspect that there is something of importance, press up. Only use the flashlight when needed or you could miss something.'' - Night 3's info text (Pirate Caverns.)

Phone Call

Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Oh, thank goodness you can hear me. Uh, listen, please. My name is Henry, and I know what's going on. Every single secret. I, I can't tell you over the phone. They are listening. Just, please. If you can hear this, you have to meet me at Pirate Caverns tonight, and tell no one. It's too important. And I promise you, I'll tell you everything you need... Loud Blank Noise.

— Henry

Active Suits

Photo-Negative MickeyDark OswaldDisembodied, The Face, Suicide Mouse, Acephalous and Pluto will be active from this point on.


After completing the Pirate Caverns, the player will be taken to the Office, in which the "It's a Small World After All" jingle will be heard, and after it has finished, the player will then be jumpscared by Photo-Negative Mickey.