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Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Color (s): Black, White, Yellow, Red
Starting Location: CAM 10
First appearance: Night 1

MickMick is a major antagonist in the game Abandoned: Discovery Island 1.1 and Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1.


MickMick was added to Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Revision 1 with Hourglass. He was going to be present in Abandoned: Discovery Island, but he was scrapped due to memory limitations, however MickMick was also added in A:DI 1.1.


MickMick appears identically as a carbon copy of the iconic Mickey Mouse. Unlike Photo-Negative Mickey, his colors match the original colors of Mickey Mouse, however they are slightly discolored. MickMick also has two expanding eye-sockets with a pair of human-like eyes (similar to those of True Mickey and The Face).


MickMick becomes active starting on Night 1, alongside Photo-Negative Mickey, who is also the first other character to become active on that night. He significally becomes more active on Night 5, along with Photo-Negative Mickey. He will start on the Roof before heading to the Pirate Caverns Entrance, and will enter the Office. When he is in the office, the player must shine the flashlight on his face to scare him away. Delaying or neglecting to do so will cause MickMick to attack the player. Additionally, shutting off a camera will cause MickMick to instantly kill the player. If the player hides under the desk while he is in the Office, he will also attack the player.


MickMick starts his journey outside the building before entering the Pirate Caverns Entrance or the Roof, and will then move to the Office.


In his first jumpscare, MickMick jumps from the bottom of the screen with his hands up, and then MiсkMiсk grabs the player by the paws. All this is accompanied by a devilish, badly distorted version of Photo-Negative Mickey's screech.

There is also a variant of the Jumpscare from Revision 1, in which MickMick comes out of the right side of the screen, looks at the player for half a second and punches him in the face with his paw. All this is not accompanied by animation, but only is the movement of the MickMick's model.


  • If the player hides under the desk while MickMick is in the Office from Revision 1, he will automatically force the player up from the desk and then kill the player.
  • When attacking the player from phase 1.0 of the Official game, he uses the same screech as Photo-Negative Mickey. In phase 2.0, he uses the same screech as The Face.


  • On Night 5 from Revision 1, MickMick's position in the Office slightly changes a bit.
  • MickMick only appears in the Extras section in A:DI and New Super Abandoned: Discovery Island, alongside Hourglass, Happy Mouse, Cartoon Nightmare, Pete and OH DEAR GOD.
  • Despite being initially scrapped from A:DI along with Hourglass, his jumpscare is already finished in A:DI 1.1.
  • MickMick hails from phase 3.0 of the Official game Five Nights at Treasure Island, where he served as a placeholder for Willy.
    • He is based on the title screen model for Photo-Negative Mickey in the Remastered versions of 1.0 as well as 2.0.
    • In said versions of the game, MickMick starts in the Storage Room before moving to the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Bathroom, the Lounge and will enter the office (this is the same pattern as Photo-Negative Mickey). Shutting off a camera or the power makes him go away, hiding under the desk only has 50/50 chance of survival.
  • MickMick's A:I in Revision 1 was not finished prior to the game's cancellation. He was originally going to be able to enter the building, and would be able to roam throughout all 11 cameras.
  • MickMick has the original colors of Mickey Mouse, however they show slight discoloration.
    • He shares this similar distinction with Acephalous.
  • It was confirmed by Desko that MickMick and The Face were two different suits in Revision 1. In version 1.1 of Abandoned: Discovery Island, MickMick and The Face were the same character.
  • In A:DI, True Mickey appears identical to MickMick, but with inverted, darker colors. This is still true for the former's placeholder camera frames, but he received more noticeable changes to distinguish himself from the former with his final design.
  • According to Desko, MickMick was to be present in Abandoned: Discovery Island 1.1, but was scrapped due to memory limitations. He would have behaved identically to his incarnation from Revision 1, but would be stopped through conventional means instead.
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