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Meat Freezer
Cam: CAM 2
Suits: Photo-Negative Mickey, Photo Negative Minnie, Acephalous, Suicide Mouse, Undying, Classic Oswald, True Mickey, Corruptus, Oswald
The huge freezer, not even remotely cool now, had row upon row of empty shelf space. Hooks hung from the ceiling, probably for hanging cuts of meat, and as I stood inside for a moment, I noticed they were swinging.
Abandoned by Disney

The Meat Freezer, also known as CAM 2, is a location in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found and the Creepypasta Abandoned By Disney. Acephalous's head can be seen lying on the ground with a cleaver nearby with some other objects and debris lying around on the floor, with two white shelves in the corner. There are also a few meat hooks and loose, black wires hanging from the ceiling. There is also a Mickey Mouse button on the ground. Photo-Negative Mickey, MickMick, Willy, Suicide Mouse, Photo Negative Minnie, Oswald and Acephalous' body can pass through here. True Mickey and Corruptus are also able to enter here on Night 6Acephalous's head's eyes can occasionally be seen open and Classic Oswald can be seen here running through the room. Undying starts here on Night 4, and needs to be watched in order to prevent him from reaching the Office.

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