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Lisa Bertsch
Species: Human
Gender: Female
First appearance: Night 2
Hello... Oh! Hey, Jake, it's me, Lisa!
— Lisa introducing herself

Lisa Bertsch is the recorder of the 2nd Night's message. She explains to the player that Photo-Negative Mickey CAN see but not very well and relies much more on hearing. She also warns the player of Oswald and explains that he is incomplete and is lacking arms and color, which makes it harder to spot Oswald. She also warns the player to "stay away from Pirate Caverns." Lisa might also be Jake's friend because of the way she introduces herself to him. However, this may not be true, because when Lisa e-mails Greg about Jake, she seems to not know much about him.


Lisa is never actually seen in-game, though according to her promo, she has slightly long red hair, peach skin, square-shaped glasses, and blue eyes.


  • Lisa is one of four female characters in-game, the others being PurityDaisy Duck, and Photo Negative Minnie.
    • Lisa is the only female of the game who isn't an enemy.
  • Lisa's full name was confirmed in TGsEE.
  • It is unknown exactly why Lisa tells Jake not to enter Pirate Caverns
    • However, it most likely has something to do with Henry's dissapearance.
    • Possibly because she doesn't want Jake die in Pirate Caverns.
      • However, she only told Jake to stay away from Pirate Caverns is Purity's "final version".
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