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"'we've already set up cameras for you to keep an eye on the place"
This page contains the info of an easter egg in Five Nights at Treasure Island. Be sure to watch out for them when playing!
Jeff The Killer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Color (s): Black, White, Red
Starting Location: Unknown
First appearance: Night 1
I think you've seen me somewhere... If not, I'll show you my face now, Jake.
— Jeff The Killer in the cutscene.

Jeff The Killer is the main antagonist of Abandoned: Discovery Island (Jeff The Killer), and will be one of the easter eggs in Abandoned: Discovery Island, appearing as a pivotal antagonist to the game. Jeff The Killer is found in his minigame after going through Night 1 without shutting off a camera.


Jeff The Killer will be added as an easter egg in the new update of Abandoned: Discovery Island, and has his own creepypasta. There is no gameplay of seeing Jeff, he will be added in new Jeffery's play mingame based on the game Abandoned: Discovery Island (Jeff The Killer) by Photo-Negative Mickey. Jeff's original purpose was to be a mini-game after Night 1 if the player manages to get through the whole night without shutting off a camera.


Jeff The Killer seems to wear a white hooded jacket which is covered in blood, with a black shirt worn underneath. Jeff's face includes his whole mouth missing showing his exposed, rotten teeth, which a blood outline stained on the skin around his teeth. Dry, calcified blood is also visible on his face, dripping down his eyes. His eyes have a dark outline to them, which his eyes seem to be like a wide open look. Jeff also has long yet brittle hair. His fingers also has brittle fingernails.


In his minigame or Abandoned: Discovery Island (Jeff The Killer), Jeff The Killer will wander around the island off-camera before going into the office. Like Photo-Negative Mickey, he will show up on either side of the Office. To ward him off as the player cannot shut off a camera on this night (due to the power outage), the player must hide under the desk until they hear his footsteps, but they shouldn't hide under the desk for too long, or else the dread bar will become empty, making the player unable to hide. Doing nothing while Jeff is in the Office will cause him to kill the player.


Jeff The Killer's original starting location is unknown, but he possibly starts in the Pirate Caverns. In his minigame, he wanders around the island off-camera before entering the Office.


  • A cutscene from Abandoned: Discovery Island (Jeff The Killer) shows Jeff The Killer picking up a Butcher Knife, which the Butcher Knife could be the One from the Meat Freezer next to Goofy's head.
    • This is logical, as the cutscene takes place in the Meat Freezer.
  • Jeff might be hidden in the Meat Freezer or the Pirate Caverns.
  • Photo-Negative Minnie's Shade is based on him, just like how Photo-Negative Mickey's Shade is based on Photo-Negative Mickey himself (because he is already a creepypasta character)
  • When Jeff kills the player in Abandoned: Discovery Island (Jeff The Killer), the game crashes. This doesn't occur in A:DI, and this was just shown to be a "game over," however, it doesn't apply for Photo-Negative Mickey in Free Roam.
  • It is possible that Jeff starts from the Pirate Caverns Entrance because he might be hidden in the Pirate Caverns.
    • This was later said to be false and the Meat Freezer was his starting location because the cutscenes feature him picking up a butcher knife in the Meat Freezer.
  • It is unknown if he has any importance in A:DI due to only making his first appearnce in his minigame after completing Night 1 without shutting off a camera.
    • That being said, Jeff, along with Slester, did not appear in Revision 1.
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