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Jake Smith
Species: Human
Gender: Male
First appearance: Night 1

Jacob "Jake" Smith is the main protagonist of the game, Five Nights at Treasure Island, and is the sole character who is controlled by the player. Jake monitors Treasure Island to collect data for a research team by the name of SSA, of which he is an intern. Jake's full name was revealed in one of Greg's e-mails, where he mentions an intern named "Jake Smith".


Jake's appearance can't be seen in-game due to always being in first-person. Though, according to his promo, he has short red hair, peach skin, and blue eyes.


Player controlling Jake Smith must monitor area through the security cameras using the monitor. Player can also shut off the corrensponding camera by pressing Space. Player can as well hide under the office desk by pressing Shift, and shut off the power by pressing P button.

Jake only stays in the one room through out the game, in Office. Exception are Pirate Caverns, in which Jake wanders around during second half of Night 3.


  • During development of the Remastered Demo, Jake was meant to be replaced by a woman named Dohna. This idea was scrapped because the new remastered phone call had already been created, and already stated the player's name as Jake.

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