Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found Wikia

The Humanoids are enemies that don't seem to be actual suits. They appear to be more human-like than what a suit would be. These Humanoids are:



The Undying is a red-colored figure in the form of a very tall, humanoid-like being with very little face details and no eyes. He will appear in Meat Freezer from Night 4 if not watched. Watching Meat Freezer will stop him from entering. If he will go to Meat Freezer, and then to Office, the player must shut off the power, otherwise he will jumpscare the player.

He also appears in Pirate Caverns chasing player on 2nd Floor.



God is nothing more than a ghostly female humanoid with a white colored body and empty black eyes. From Night 4 she have a chance to appear randomly in the Office while monitor is being lowered. Player must then hide under the desk since she prevents the player from using putting up the monitor. If neglected she'll summon Daisy's and Acephalous's heads.

By making so God will prevent the player from using cameras, Daisy Duck will prevent you from shutting off power and Acephalous head will prevent you from hiding, making player completely defenseless.



Slester is a humanoid that resembles a voodoo doll of sorts with big empty eyes and a droopy mouth with what appears to be suture marks on its chest and stomach, it could also resemble a Haniwa which are terracotta clay figures that were buried with the dead in Japan between the 3rd and 6th centuries. It also appears to have two needles through its body, one going through its shoulders, and the other through its head.

If the player hides too much, Slester will jumpscare the player.



Unlike Undying and God, this Humanoid has a name that is the name of one of the interns who got missing, which his name was Henry which was missing in Pirate Caverns. Henry is a distorted, yellow figure, which his color could represent Photo-Negative Mickey's yellow blood. He is missing his right arm and his head. A shape of a shirt and boots are visible.

He doesn't appear on any night but only in Floor 3 of Pirate Caverns. Once the player will approach him, he will tell the full story of Corrupti Incident.

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