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Hourglass name
Species: Hybrid
Gender: Male
Color (s): Green, Black
Starting Location: CAM 1
First appearance: Night 3

Hourglass was an antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found. He is a suit and a humanoid hybrid, his head based on a suit and his body based on a humanoid. He was scrapped due to memory limitations but will return in Revision 1. He starts on Night 5.



He appears to be a little green crawling humanoid but his head looks like a suit. He is usually seen walking or standing on four legs. Curiously, he can twist and contort parts of his own body whenever he wants, though it is unknown how or why. He does primarily when attacks the player.


Hourglass will talk on occasion, indicating how much time the player has left before he spawns in the Storage Room. On occasion, a small in-game minigame will appear where Hourglass's head is on the desk and a blank tip box will appear flashing colors. To stop him, the player must time the hiding of the tip box perfectly so that it matches the color of Hourglass's head. If the player succeeds, Hourglass will say "I'm upside-down now" or "I'm downside-up now". If the player fails or takes too long, Hourglass will declare a little while later that time is up and he will spawn in the Storage Room, moving quickly toward the office. At this point, Hourglass cannot be stopped.


Hourglass starts at the vent then crawls to the Storage Room. and gets to the Office.


  • Hourglass was scrapped along with MickMick, as there were too many characters in the game and he didn't fit in. This caused a lot of controversy with the fans, so the creator said that he can re-add him, but he would make him unique where he teleports and doesn't go in a straight line.
    • After a announcement as a small punishment from Photo Negative Mickey about the fanbase hating the game's new name, Hourglass was removed from the game again.
      • However, after saying he went too far in that same post, he added Hourglass back in again.
        • He was removed once again due to memory limitations.
          • He was then confirmed by FateForWindows to be put back in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found 2.0.
          • In 0.8.0, Hourglass would be detected using vent detection text.
            • In Revision 1, this was changed.
  • In the game's MFA file, the tab that would show Hourglass' AI has a title called "Hourglass was never planned".
    • This simply meant that Hourglass wasn't originally going to be in the game, and even if he did get added, that would still be the name of the group.
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