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This page describes upcoming content in Abandoned: Discovery Island Classic Deluxe and contains a lack of information. We will update this page as more info is revealed.
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Hourglass name.png
Species: Hybrid
Gender: Male
Color (s): Green, Black
Starting Location: CAM 1
First appearance: Night 3

Hourglass was a planned antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island. He is a suit and a humanoid hybrid, his head based on a suit and his body based on a humanoid. He was to start from Night 5 onward before he was scrapped due to memory limitations.



Hourglass appears to be a little green crawling humanoid, but his head looks like a suit of Mickey Mouse. He is usually seen walking or standing on four legs. Curiously, he can twist and contort parts of his own body whenever he wants, though it is unknown how or why. He does primarily when attacks the player.


Hourglass was planned to start in the Storage Room. He would then teleport between the different rooms in his path, similarly to Corruptus. After moving at least 4 times, he would be able to teleport directly to the office's left door. Once Hourglass is in the office, shutting off a camera or turning off the power will make him go away, while hiding under the desk has 50/50 chance of working. If the player fails to stop him in time, Hourglass will then attack the player.


Hourglass starts in the Storage Room, then teleports between it, the Staff Area, the Meat Freezer, the Lounge, and the Office.


  • Hourglass was initially scrapped along with MickMick, as there were too many characters in the game and he didn't fit in. This caused a lot of controversy with the fans, so Desko said that he would re-add him.
    • After a rant about the fanbase's negative reaction to the game's new name, Hourglass was removed from the game again.
      • However, after saying he went too far in that same post, he reversed the decision and decided to add Hourglass back in again.
  • In the game's MFA file, the code group for Hourglass' AI has a title called "Hourglass was never planned".
    • This simply meant that Hourglass wasn't originally going to be in the revival, and even if he did get added, that would still be the name of the group.
  • Hourglass's AI was inspired by the AI used in the original game's first demos.
  • Hourglass will finally be added in Abandoned: Discovery Island Classic Deluxe.
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