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Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Color (s): Yellow, black
First appearance: Pirate Caverns

Henry is an non-hostle Humanoid and a Phone Caller in Five Nights at Treasure Island Henry in the past was one of the SSA interns that went missing in Pirate Caverns. Henry tried to call Jake to help him in Pirate Caverns on Night 3 before the phone call got cut off.


Henry is a distorted human type figure, which is missing his arm and head. He could be the Henry which called in Night 3 phone call.


Henry is a distorted, yellow figure, which his color could represent Photo-Negative Mickey's yellow blood. He is missing his right arm and his head. A shape of a shirt and boots are visible. But as his human version of him, he has Yellow Hair and seems to wear a blue and white shirt and has blue eyes like Jake's Eyes.


Henry appears in Pirate Caverns. He can be found on the third floor. To access the third floor, go to the office, open the drawer, but do NOT take the key, go to the second floor via the elevator, go to the mannequin room, click anywhere BUT back twice to go into another elevator, go down, a floor, and keep going straight. You will eventually reach a small room. Henry will say:

  • "So you've finally made it."
  • "Don't run away."
  • "I'm Henry, and I need to keep my promise."
  • "The Corrupti Incident."
  • "That's what it's called."
  • "A young boy smacked the innocent costumes that Disney was going to tell the employees about with a light sign."
  • "Then he smacked another into an outdoor fire where he melted."
  • "Then he grabbed heavier hooks and sliced one's eyes off."
  • "But then, the hook... wait..."
  • "You were the kid the whole time."
  • "No wonder you joined the SSA."
  • "The new kid..."
  • "It all fits together."
  • "You thought that the mascots killed your mom and dad after you saw them in the Meat Freezer, dead."
  • "Then you tried to kill them..."
  • "Then one decided to befriend you..."
  • "I'll make sure he tells the other suits that you're okay."
  • "But you may have to prove it to them."
  • "Go, Jake."

After that, the night ends.


  • Lisa might know what happened to Henry, because she warns the player about Pirate Caverns.
  • Henry is voiced by Dogi Jones.
  • Interestingly, Henry won't be hostile in the game, despite becoming a humanoid. Undying; who is a humanoid, is hostile.
  • Henry's humanoid appearance was scrapped from Revision 1, but he still plays a major role in the game, which is partially based on the original lore.
  • In game he is a requirement for True Ending.
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