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Species: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Color (s): white
First appearance: Night 4
Start location: The Office
Your almost over.
 God, or Purity, is the true main, later devolved into one of the tertiary antagonists of Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found. She is a curvy, pale white female figure who formerly appeared randomly in the Office. If the player didn't hide under the desk or shut off the power, she would summon Daisy Duck and Acephalous's head, making the player completely defenseless, since Daisy Duck will prevent the player from shutting off the power, Acephalous's head will prevent the player from hiding under the desk and God will prevent the player from putting up the Monitor. She was later scrapped and was put into a more important place in the storyline and her code was recycled for the tomato easter egg.



God is nothing more than a ghostly female humanoid with a pale, white colored body, an expressionless face that could be compared to that of Michael Myers from Halloween, and empty black eyes.


At Night 1 and up, She will appear at random when the Monitor is put down. The player should immediately hide or shut off the power, as they will be unable to put up the Monitor. If she is in The Office for too long, she will summon Daisy Duck and Acephalous's head, causing the player to become completely defenseless. Whenever she enters the Office, she will say one of her phrases, those being:

  • "Awww, you're soft, kids."
  • "He is here, my children."
  • "Your almost over."


God randomly appears in The Office after the player puts down the Monitor.


  • God is one of three female enemies in the game, the other two being Photo-Negative Minnie and Daisy Duck.
  • Oswald and God are connected in some way.
  • God can be heard in the Original Night 3 phone call and in current Night 4 phone call.
  • God is voiced by Tia.
  • God remain in the Office when she summoned Daisy Duck and Acephalous's head.
  • In Beta of True Ending at Jake's dialogue, he said Mom's ghost dissappeared. It is probable that he referred to God.

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