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The Flashlight is one of the mechanics used in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found. The flashlight can only be used once the player has switched off the power. The flashlight is used to look around the Office to check if there are any Suits in there. It was added in the public beta of version 0.2.0 of the demo, where only Photo-Negative Mickey could be found using the flashlight. It was updated in version 0.2.1 with images for all other suits being added. The only mechanic that could help you survive while power is off in this version was hiding.

In version 0.3.0, the power was overhauled by adding Shade characters. From that version onward the flashlight is used to get rid of some shades and has limited power. It also has new images and the ability to increase the power usage to make it brighter.

To get rid of some shades, the flashlight must be set to use more power, which will scare some suits away. The great example of it is Photo-Negative Mickey's shade. Other suits lack eyes or the ability to see, or could attack through the display, so to stop them, the player must hide or turn off the display when it turns on without power.

On Night 6, the player will be unable to use the flashlight. Instead, the player must listen for Corruptus. His clearer voice will signal that he is at the center of the office and, as usual, the player must hide. His more garbled voice will signal that he is at the left or right and the player must stand still instead of shutting off a cam or power.

The flashlight is due to be removed in update 1.1 of Abandoned: Discovery Island, also known as TWIWMTB, due to the power mechanic receiving an overhaul.


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In Abandoned:Discovery Island:Jeff The Killer, the flashlight is one of the main mechanics in the game, since during whole night, the power is out. The player can use the flashlight over the two Office entrances, in order to see if Jeff The Killer is in the Office. If he is standing in either two entrances, the player must hide.

The flashlight will not run out of power in Abandoned:Discovery Island:Jeff The Killer.


  • The image for Acephalous is actually the first frame of his jumpscare.
  • Dark Oswald and Suicide Mouse appear to be floating.
  • Disembodied cannot move when the power is out, so he does not have a flashlight image.
  • Pluto cannot be detected using the flashlight. He reappears when the power turns on if he enters the Office.
  • The flashlight brightening and turning off the monitor are very similar to the FNAF fan-game Final Nights.
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