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Five Nights at Treasure Island is a fan-game created by Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez and on which Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found is based.


The setting is in the forgotten Disney attraction "Treasure Island". The player works as an intern for a research team, and cannot leave their Office except during Pirate Caverns.

They have access to ten security cameras, and must monitor the facility using them. The Suits found in the facility roam around at night, and must be monitored by the player. If a mascot enters The Office, the player must immediately open the monitor and disable one of the security cameras, which creates a lot of noise and lures the mascot away. Failing to do this in time will result in the player's death.


You play as a night-watch intern named Jake Smith as he tries to survive through five nights at the abandoned Disney attraction Treasure Island.

Jake was hired as an intern to collect data from the location, before a research team brings over more supplies from Alabama to investigate the attraction. Two people, namely Greg and Lisa, will leave voicemails providing information on how to pass through all the nights. However, the costumes at the location are somehow alive and mobile, and will attempt to harm Jake if they encounter him. Therefore, if a mascot enters Jake's Office, the player must open the monitor and disable one of the cameras. This creates a loud noise in the room the camera is in, which can lure the costume away. The camera will automatically turn back on after roughly 30 to 40 seconds.

Using this knowledge given to him from the Phone Callers, Jake must survive against Photo-Negative Mickey, Disembodied, Acephalous, Oswald and several other hostile costumes, from 12:00 midnight to 6:00 AM.

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