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"'I'm sorry we still have to get our equipment ready"
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Accounts: *Wikia Account * Gamejolt Profile * Deviantart Profile * Twitch profile * Youtube Account * Alternate Youtube Account * Email
Gender: Male
Occupation Developer of Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found.
Alias: Nick


FateForWindows, also known as Nick, is the developer of Five Nights at Treasure Island.

FateForWindows is still currently developing Five Nights at Treasure Island with the program Click Team Fusion 2.5.

He first put up the page for Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found on GameJolt on November 15th, 2015.

FateForWindows is known to have the ideas of the Characters:

Other games

This User is also known to be making other games, such as:

  • Abandoned: Discovery Island
  • The Five Nights: Fredbear Remastered
  • Abandoned: Origins
  • Abandoned: Rediscover The Island (Currently In Development)