Nightmare suicide mouse

This is the page with the list of the Easter Eggs from Five Nights at Treasure Island.

Photo-Negative Minnie


Photo-Negative Minnie is photo negative, just like Photo-Negative Mickey is, but with human eyes and a pair of huge human-like teeth. Her shade is based on Jeff The Killer. Photo-Negative Minnie will begin in Character Prep 1, offscreen. Then, she will appear in the room, floating. This can help the player prepare for her to move. When she is in the Office, not sutting off the camera while PN Minnie is in the Office will cause the game to crash.



Pluto can very rarely appear at the left door of the Office in Five Nights at Treasure Island. He is not hostile. He is found on Night 3.

Jeff The Killer


Jeff The Killer is one of easter eggs in Five Nights at Treasure Island and has his own creepypasta and a file in (Old) Five Nights at Treasure Island. To activate easter egg you need manages to get through the whole Night 1 without shuting off a camera. Jeff The Killer seems to wear a white jacket which is covered in blood, with a black shirt worn underneath. Jeff's face includes his whole mouth missing showing his teeth, which a blood outline stained on the skin around his teeth. Dry blood is also visible on his face, dripping down his eyes. His eyes have a dark outline to them, which his eyes seem to be like a wide open look. Jeff also has long hair.

Blood Mctomato of drugs and non-Photonegativens doom!!!

The Blood Mctomato of drugs and non-Photonegativeness doom!!! Is a easter egg,this tomato can rarely appear in The Office

Nightmare Suicide Mouse

If you keep clicking on the staff area camera Nightmare Suicide mouse will appear but he will not attack (I don't know which version this works on so it might not work for you)


It is found the storage room.