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"'we've already set up cameras for you to keep an eye on the place"
This page contains the info of an easter egg in Five Nights at Treasure Island. Be sure to watch out for them when playing!

This is the page with the list of the Easter Eggs from Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Pluto's promo.

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Pluto appears to be a gloomy-looking version of his Disney counterpart. During Night 3, Pluto will occasionally appear in the left side of the office. He will block any character at the left entrance of the office from the player's view and will silence Disembodied, and shutting off a camera will stop him and make him disappear.

Rare Screen Images

These rare screens can rarely appear when you start the game, when you start a night and when you lose a night. When this happens, loud noises play for a few seconds, then the game continues normally. They are a reference to Five Nights at Freddy's 2, which has this same type of easter egg. Originally, game over's rare screen planned to be Bad Ending image. Post can be found here.

Jeff The Killer

A frame from Jeff The Killer's cutscene.

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Jeff The Killer is an easter egg that appears in his own minigame if you manage to get through the entirety of Night 1 without shutting off a camera in Abandoned: Discovery Island. In his minigame, you will only have a flashlight and the ability of hiding under the desk while the power is out. If they see Jeff The Killer in either doorway, the player needs to hide under the desk until they hear footsteps, but not for so long, or else the dread bar will be empty and the player will not be able to hide under the desk. Jeff The Killer will kill the player if they fail to hide under the desk while he is in the office.

Blood Mctomato of drugs and non-Photonegativens doom!!!

Blood Mctomato's promo

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The Blood Mctomato of drugs and non-Photonegativeness doom!!! Is a easter egg that can rarely appear in the office from Revision 1. Once it appears in the office, it will make a loud static-like noise that is similar to Daisy Duck, and will turn the office slightly red and prevent the player from using the monitor.

Skip nights

By pressing the O key, you can skip nights. This is a reference to a debug key present in the original game's 1.0-era demos.

God in Extras

God's promo as seen in Abandoned: Discovery Island 1.1 extras.

Main articles: God

The first time you view the completed extras, God will show up as the last entry. If she is in the extras, she will change the song's pitch and all other options will be disabled, then after a few seconds, she will crash your game. In older versions, after seeing this event, the True Ending's credits will be replaced with the word "God" repeated multiple times, and a message telling the player to "find the truth". This was removed in New Super Abandoned: Discovery Island.

Cartoon Nightmare

Cartoon Nightmare's promo.

Cartoon Nightmare appears to be a burnt-looking and yellow-hued version of Photo-Negative Mickey who lacks eyes entirely. He is a scrapped easter egg that was going to be in Abandoned: Discovery Island. He was planned to appear in-game of A:DI 1.1, but was initially left out due to time constraints and memory limitations. However, he only makes his first appearance in the extras section with the other characters who didn't make their appearance in-game.

Happy Mouse

Happy Mouse's promo.

Happy Mouse is a scrapped easter egg-antagonist which was going to appear in Abandoned: Discovery Island. He was planned to be added in-game of A:DI 1.1, but was initially left out due to the unfinished nature of the final update of the game. Happy Mouse appears identical to Suicide Mouse, only with a distorted face and a pair of human-like teeth, and darkened colors.