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The Corrupti Incident was an incident in Treasure Island, which understandably led the suits to how they are now. The incident only happens in the original Abandoned: Discovery Island.

Before the incident, on the island, some of strange costumes started appearing and coming to life. They were friendly to the employees and seemed to understand the island in a similar way to them, so they were allowed to roam the place during the night despite their strange behaviors. One day, a photo-negative Mickey costume accidentally wandered around one of the attractions during the day. Mass paranoia struck when he decided to pull on a show, removing his head for everyone to see. During this incident, numerous people were injured and a select few killed.

Jake Smith a young child at the time, gets ensued in the chaos, and once the dust settles and everything is under control, he finds his mom and dad dead in the Meat Freezer. He thought the suits killed them, so he angrily attacked them, beating the Photo-Negative Mickey with a sign, threw one into an outdoor fire where he melted, beheaded one, beat one with a skull which was hidden under one's head, and grabbed a hook and sliced one's eyes out.


  • Abandoned: Discovery Island's original timeline is the only one in Fate's games where the suits aren't originally hostile towards everyone around them.