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Character Prep 2 name.png
Cam: CAM 8
Suits: Daisy Duck

Character Prep 2 is an location in Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found. There seems to be a bare concrete floor. A Grenada Mickey Mouse poster can be seen on the wall at the left. There is a window with iron bars, and a full moon and an amount of clouds and mist can be seen outside, and the nightsky appears to be shining through the window. Also, some leaves of a tree can be seen outside. There is a small table with a wooden box and a normal Mickey headpeice on it, and wires are seen hanging from the ceiling.


The only suit who begins in Character Prep 2 is Daisy Duck, who starts lying from under the table in this room. Corruptus can be able to enter this room on Night 6.


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