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...there was even a small break room with an old, static-filled television and long rotted-out food and drink on the counters.
Abandoned by Disney
Broadcasting Room name.png
Cam: CAM 7
Suits: Suicide Mouse, Willy (rarely), Corruptus

The Broadcasting Room, also known as CAM 7, is a location of the game Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found and the Creepypasta Abandoned By Disney. Not many features are visible through the camera, however, it seems that there is a wooden floor, multiple stray wires, four monitors, a computer, a TV and a base unit. This room is also where Suicide Mouse starts, and where Willy and Suicide Mouse will stay at if befriended. The TV turns on when he becomes active, and stay on for the remainder of the night, also playing the song from the Suicidemouse.avi mockup. The TV's light illuminates the room enough to reveal Suicide Mouse. This room is also where Corruptus starts on Night 6. When he becomes active, the room's light, the TV and the computer turns on, the last two showing a close-up of Corruptus' face. Occasionally, True Mickey can access into this room, in order to drain the player's health, while he's in here, the TV will shine in front of him while the TV turns on.


  • In the remastered demo, Suicide Mouse can be in here and in another room at the same time.
  • Since Suicide Mouse was removed from the "final version" of the game, no suits enter this room.


  • There is a small chance that Suicide Mouse and Willy will be watching "Steamboat Willie".
  • In the "final version" of the game, this room is not used by any suits.
  • Strangely, when Suicide Mouse leaves this room, one of the wires that are hanging from the ceilling dissapear.
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