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Blood Mctomato of drugs and non-Photonegativeness doom!!! was originally a fan-made character from the A:DI RP Wiki, but has made it's way into the game as an easter egg


Just some random tomato and an easter egg...I mean,what else to say?


The Tomato of whatever it was, it's a tomato, nothing more to it. It's just an over-sized tomato.


The tomato behavior is very simple, he appears extremely rarely in the office, there is no way to avoid him. It also makes the worst noise ever, he also makes the office red.


The Blood Mctomato of drugs and non-Photonegativeness doom!!! will randomly appear in the Office, and will not go anywhere else.


  • TOMTOio
    It's a tomato.
  • Tomato is an inside joke in which Landwii keeps insisting on a tomato easter egg. especially to FateForWindows. Ironically, this character actually made it into the current version of the game.
  • Tomato's sound is so loud that the game engine creates extra distortion when playing it, making the original song almost unrecognizable.
  • It is planned that in future versions, if the player presses "B" while Tomato is in the office, he will transform into Bob the Tomato.
  • Tomato's name is a joke that unites the most visited articles from the A:DI RP Wiki, and makes a name.
  • Tomato's page has many pointless things
    • Like your mom's a hoe

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Blood Mctomato of drugs and non-Photonegativeness doom!!!