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Abandoned: Discovery Island Classic Deluxe is an upcoming Five Nights at Treasure Island fan game and a reworked version of Abandoned: Discovery Island. It is planned to release in 2022.


For Jake Smith, the internship seemed like a dream. Going ghost hunting was one thing, but going ghost hunting and getting paid for it? Working with the Supernatural Studies Association seemed like the perfect summer side hustle, a great way to apply his knowledge, and an even better way to prepare for the future. But getting accepted was just the tip of the iceberg. When his boss, Greg Lochlainn, told Jake where they were sending him for his first investigation, he didn't believe him. Yet here he was, at Walt Disney World Resort, riding a boat bound for the famously abandoned attraction itself: Discovery Island. In a few hours, he would feel like his dreams were coming true.

In a few days, he would know that he was in the middle of a nightmare.


Classic Deluxe, like the original version, is a point-and-click survival horror game. The rest of the information is unknown.

The Game

Abandoned: Discovery Island Classic Deluxe is an updated, expanded version of Abandoned: Discovery Island Classic a.k.a. Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found. An unofficial remake of Five Nights at Treasure Island (inspired by and loosely based on Abandoned by Disney), gameplay and graphics are based on its so-called "2.0"/"3.0" phases of development. As Jake Smith, you'll spend five nights monitoring the entities on the island while keeping yourself under their radar. Divert their attention by shutting off cameras, hide from their view by crawling under the desk, scare them away and stall them for a bit by turning off the power and use your flashlight in the darkness to disorient them and force them out of the room. Survive all five of your six-hour shifts to return home and earn your pay.

Release date: 2022

System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista x64 or higher (Windows 10 1809 or higher recommended)

CPU: To be determined

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or newer (recommended TBD)

RAM: 2 GB (4GB or higher recommended)

Storage: At least 600 MB of free space

Differences from A:DI Classic

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