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Abandoned:Discovery Island:Jeff The Killer
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Genre Horror
Theme Point and Click
Developer Photo Negative Mickey
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Links Gamejolt


Abandoned: Discovery Island (Jeff The Killer) is a Minigame version of Abandoned: Discovery Island, created by Photo Negative Mickey. Minigame will be ported to Abandoned: Discovery Island in the next update.


'"Well great job! You survived your first night! You're becoming such a pro at this you didn't even have to shut off any of the cameras! Oh and by the way, i think there's some...Issues with the Power over there on Treasure Island, it can sometimes...uhhhh turn off on it's own...BUT! You have a flashlight! So you should be fine!  But i also think you're not the only Human wandering the Island..."

The Game

You just survived Night 1, without having to shut off a single cam, just as you're about to start Night 2 the power suddenly switches off, you hear footsteps, all you have is a flashlight and your desk.

You may hide forever, but you have that bad feeling that it's not a suit you're dealing with, your fear raises. There is also a mode called Free Roam, a kind of Pirate Caverns, with the difference that you can move around the treasure island