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Abandoned: Discovery Island
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Genre: Point and Click

Survival Horror

Download(s): Gamejolt
Engine: Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Developers: FateForWindows, Photo Negative Mickey

Abandoned: Discovery Island (also known as A:DI and known during development as Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found) is a fanmade revival of Five Nights at Treasure Island primarily based on the game's 2.0 and 3.0 phases of development. It was released on April 16th, 2016.

An enhanced version of the game, Abandoned: Discovery Island Classic Deluxe, is planned to release in 2022.


You're an intern for the SSA. They gave you an assignment: to spend the night monitoring Treasure Island, an abandoned Disney resort. But not everything is what it seems. You wonder: what's really there?


Abandoned: Discovery Island is a point-and-click survival horror game. You spend 6 nights in the Office 12 AM to 6 AM, and the player must hold off possessed costumes, such as Photo-Negative Mickey, Oswald and more. To do this, the player has a number of mechanics at their disposal. The Monitor can be used to track the location of the suits or restart cameras. Shutting off cameras makes a loud noise, which will distract suits and lure them away. Hiding under the desk can help the player avoid suits that can't see and gives the player a 50/50 chance of survival against others. Finally, the player can shut off the Power if they run out of reliable options to deal with the suits and use a Flashlight to deal with the Shades, but if the flashlight is drained, the player will be left defenseless.

Five Nights at Treasure Island History

Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez

Five Nights at Treasure Island was created by Matthew Phoenix Rodriguez (a.k.a APPSvN, then AnArt1996) and is a fangame of both Five Nights at Freddy's and Christopher Howard Wolf's Abandoned By Disney. He released the first one-night demo on December 1st, 2014, and continuously updated the demo, adding new suits, phone calls, improved animations and eventually expanding the game to 2 complete nights, a third night and a Myst-inspired Pirate Caverns segment. Unfortunately, not long after releasing the first 3-night test demo in January 2015, the game became too large for its then-current engine, Game Maker 8.1, to handle. The game had to be recoded from scratch, leading to the release of the Remastered demo, a one-night demo featuring updated graphics, the public introduction of Hiding and addition of Suicide Mouse. Sometime after the demo's release, Rodriguez began reworking the graphics and moved the game to the updated GameMaker Studio, which is retroactively considered to be the start of the "2.0" phase of development. However, as the game's ambition continued to grow and in the face of numerous technical issues, Rodriguez was unable to continue the game thanks to motivation loss and gave ownership to Tia, God's voice actress. AnArt1996 was the only developer to use GameMaker.


After the torch was passed, Tia's team, the Purity Sinners, resumed the game's development where Rodriguez had left off. The game was rewritten in Clickteam Fusion by the team's programmer, SubWooferX3, and while most of Rodriguez's ideas were kept, some of the locations and characters were cut from the game. The team released a public tech demo, nicknamed "Remastered 2.0" by fans, which reintroduced Oswald but was missing hiding and the other planned mechanics. Not too long after, while development was going smoothly, Tia announced that she would start selling merch to promote the game. This was met with minor backlash by fans and ire from Wolf himself. The backlash reached its peak when it was revealed that Photo-Negative Mickey would be removed from the game "due to problems using the character", prompting Wolf to refute this claim.

Following a series of back-and-forth drama, development troubles and overambition, Five Nights at Treasure Island was cancelled. The Purity Sinners soon made one last "farewell" release, containing all content that had been completed up to that point, known as Remastered 3.0. Remastered 3.0 would receive a few patches to fix bugs, but no content would be added. Soon after, a few members of the community decided to take matters into their own hands.

Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found

Before starting what would become Abandoned: Discovery Island, Desko (then known as FateForWindows) decided to privately start his own unofficial remake of Five Nights at Treasure Island. At this point, there were already a few unofficial in development, and they inspired Desko to try to make his own take for fun. This revival wouldn't get very far, as Desko decided to put more focus on his other in-development fangame, The Five Nights: Fredbear, instead.

A few months after the game's cancellation, Rodriguez released all of the game's surviving assets and files. Desko, having a bit more experience at this point, decided to take another shot at remaking FNATI, quickly implementing the base mechanics and coding in Photo-Negative Mickey.

Soon, via the blog on the original wiki, Desko published a blog post with a download to an early tech demo where only PN Mickey moved and the power is always on. Soon, more updates were released, and the game was uploaded to Game Jolt. Later, the game was updated with Oswald, Disembodied, The Face, the ability to shut off power, Cam 11, and the second night.

FateForWindows then announced 0.1.3 (changed later in development to 0.2.0), which was meant to be a graphical update. However, due to Desko' lack of animation experience, plans changed. Most of the new graphics were delayed, but the full release of 0.2.0 added Pirate Caverns, Night 3, Pirate Caverns, updated AI for The Face where he can be slowed down by watching The Roof, Acephalous, Suicide Mouse, and Pluto.

New Super Abandoned: Discovery Island

New Super A:DI VI.0 DX: Director's Cut DELUXE: Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found 2021 Revision 3 feat. Dante from the Devil May Cry series Final Mix Redux with New Funky Mode - A Fragmentary Passage and Knuckles Remastered is a semi-serious self-parodying April Fools' update to A:DI. Taking place in a separate continuity, the game features a mixture of improvements, additions and joke additions and changes. It was released on May 1st, 2021 (still April 30th in certain timezones). This version is planned to receive updates as well as the DLC feature that were intended to be added to R1 and the original game, though it is not planned to entirely replace it at the moment nor will it be the game's last iteration.

On May 2, 2021, the first patch was released, VI.0.O​N​E, which enabled the Custom Night and fixed some major bugs.

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